Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire

Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire

Tree Stump Removal Accrington LancashireHowe2 Landscapes & Trees are a Preston-based firm providing a comprehensive range of landscape services. Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire.

There are many reasons you may need a Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire service. Some of which include the prevention of proper landscaping, faulty foundation and even damaged plumbing. Besides, it’s no longer a beautiful tree. Hence, there are crucial things you should know before removing any stump. In this guide, our expert tree surgeon provides helpful answers to your frequently asked questions.

What Is Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire?

This is the process of eliminating a tree stump, which is usually what’s left of a tree after it has been cut down or felled.

How Can You Get Rid Of A Tree Stump?

There are various approaches to removing a stump. Let’s look at the three major options people mostly consider

  • By Burning

This is one efficient way to easily remove stumps without wasting money or time. You might need to first use chemicals on the stump to hasten the process, you can however do without the chemicals. What you’ll be needing is a driller to drill holes in the stump, a lighter or matchbox, and fuel or kerosene.


This is a speedy technique of getting rid of stumps. It is time-efficient, easy, and saves money. However, the smoke that emanates from the process is unsafe for the environment and you might need to ensure it is acceptable to apply the burning method of Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire in your neighbourhood before embarking on this process.

  • By Grinding

In this method, a machine is used to cut the stump in the ground into smaller chips and it is then excavated. This process is time-efficient, energy-saving but sometimes costs money. The major advantage of grinding is that it is rapid and the outcome is instantaneous.

  •  With The Aid Of Chemicals

This is the most effortless process of it. This process however is time-consuming most especially if the stump is a large one. Sometimes, with the aid of chemicals can take as long as three to four days or even a week as a result of waiting for the stump to rot.


Chemicals such as Potassium nitrate are usually used to rotten the stump gradually until it is finished. This process is healthier for the environment.

What Happens If You Don’t Remove A Tree Stump? 

It will decay. This might take several years, but the stump will eventually rot by itself. However, in the process of leaving it to decay on its own, it would become a house for termites, ants, and other insects that might be injurious to the environment.


Moreover, a stump will prevent a lawn from being properly mowed or a yard from looking well kept.

In Conclusion

This process can be energy or time-consuming. However, once Tree Stump Removal Accrington Lancashire has been achieved, the result can be a very gratifying one. One major way to take the stress off you is to employ the service of a professional tree surgeon. They are more experienced and know the best way to keep your yard looking great after the stump is gone.