Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire

Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire

Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire Howe2 Landscapes & Trees are a Preston-based firm providing a comprehensive range of landscape services. Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire

Trees might sometimes need to be felled if they are infected, overgrown, bordering on a property, dead, or planted on the wrong spot. Cutting down any tree yourself is possible and cost-effective, but it can also be hazardous. Before Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire, however, you may need to obtain approval from the authorities in your locality.

Safety Precautions

Before cutting down trees, certain safety precautions must be put in place. It is unsafe to cut down a tree if you’re sick or have any form of physical illness. Also, if you feel tired or weak, it is advisable to not cut down the tree until you’re strong enough. If you’re inexperienced or lack professional training, do not try to operate a chainsaw without proper supervision. When cutting down a tree yourself, wear long work boots, long trousers, protective shades, work gloves, and other forms Of protection to properly shield yourself from any form of injury. If you have no business cutting down the tree, it is advisable to stay some distance, while the cutting process is ongoing.

Work Tools And Equipment

To cut a tree successfully, you will need certain tools in good working condition. Assemble the tools before you begin, ensure you perform every needed maintenance. When cutting trees, use a small chainsaw for trees that are not up to 10 diameters in width, medium-sized chainsaws for trees that are between 10 to  18inches in diameter and bigger chainsaws for larger trees. Ensure the blades of your chainsaw are sharpened and if it’s powered by gas, fill up the fuel tank. Ensure you have good wedges, sledgehammers, and an axe just in case you need them.

Tree Inspection

Examine the tree properly before you begin Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire . Note any loose branches, bad wood, and the direction in which the tree is leaning at. If the tree is leaning towards a specific angle or is near an electricity or water line, look for professionals to handle it immediately. If not, then decide where you want the tree to fall and start cutting.

Ensure Safety Of Surroundings

Ensure the site and surrounding sites are safe. Keep all kids and pets away from the Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire area. Make sure all the kids are indoors if possible. Note down two paths that can help you dash away from the tree’s path immediately when it is falling. Remove any barrier that is along the escape paths. Put down your work tools and equipment on the ground, on the path that’s not in the direction the tree is going to fall towards.

Tree Cutting Darwen Lancashire Technique

When cutting trees, utilize the three-cut technique. 

  • First, cut the tree in the direction in which you want it to fall. This is called the undercut. 
  • Then, cut the tree horizontally, about one-third into the tree trunk. 
  • Make another cut of about 4 inches into the tree below the first cut, cut in such a way that it meets the first cut at an upward angle. Pull out the wedge of wood that results from this process and make the third cut. Then begin sawing continuously. Retreat through any of the escape paths you’ve previously noted down once the tree is about to fall.